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Don't Shout at the Telly North East 2009 video

Developing World Challenges 2008 videos


2012 news
Cinema Politica Newcastle two years on ... November 2012
20th annual Kalapremi Ganesh Festival September 2012
Re-Newcastle College: Sustainability Road Show launch March 2012
NECTER recognised by Global RCE Service Centre February 2012
NECTER Quarterly General Meeting January 2012

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Cinema Politica Newcastle two years on ...

Cinema Politica Newcastle has been very busy this past year. By the end of 2012 we will have shown 18 films, and 28 in two years. There has been a wide range of themes this year although there have been a few on the financial crisis and corporate governance (Yes Men Fix the World, Dreamland, Debtocracy, Catastroika) issues in DR Congo (Blood in the Mobile, The Greatest Silence) on artistic and cultural freedom (RIP! A Remix Manifesto, Roadsworth, Cultures of Resistance) and waste (Manufactured Landscapes & Dive!). We remain hugely indebted to the speakers who come and make our events so special and hope to continue attracting others to come and share their expertise in the discussions. Our audience is slowly growing and we are really encouraged to see new faces at every event. This is no doubt due to great connections with a range of friends, such as NECTER NIReS and the International Development Society. Cinema Politica received in May a Santander Community Engagement award which will help sustain activities for the coming years. The best way to keep CP going however is through audience donations – so please bring your friends!! November 2012

For information on the upcoming films:
e: [email protected]
t: @CPNewcastle

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20th annual Kalapremi Ganesh Festival

10:30am - 5:00pm, Saturday 29th September
20th annual Kalapremi Ganesh Festival
Lamplight Arts Centre

You are cordially invited to attend a day-long series of events celebrating the birth of the elephant headed deity Ganesh. 29th September 2012 will see us delivering our 20th consecutive festival. Starting at 10:30am, it promises the usual mix of fine food and exceptional performance, and we would love for you to be a part of it.

The 2011 Ganesh festival included a taste of all the values Kalapremi hold dear, beginning with the Pooja and including a group of multicultural poets, a disabled former trumpeter, Indian dance and a band composed of refugees and asylum seekers. We held origami and rap workshops and offered a sumptuous Indian buffet lunch.

This insight into how south Asians celebrate with the Ganesh festival is something that has gained national prominence, not just local significance, and now we have extended the programme to include ALL kinds of diversity it is becoming a very special day. At all times, and with all of our projects, we encourage active participation and welcome questions.

For 2012 we have booked a performer who we are sure are going to make the day that little bit more special. We will be pleased to welcome Aneesh Vidyashankar, a 21-year-old prodigy on the violin, to the Lamplight Centre. Vidyashankar has brought bliss to a wide variety of audiences, from spiritual gurus tosoftware giants, corporates to connoisseurs, for the last 12 years. Vidyashankar regularly performs for diplomats, foreign delegates, and leading hospital groups. Doctors consider Aneesh’s music to have a relaxing and therapeutic effect. In December 2011, at the Global Meditation Conference in Vizag, India, nearly 35,000 souls meditated through Aneesh’s violin melody for 2 hours – generating vibrant positive energy.

For lunch we are delighted to offer a sumptuous south Indian banqueting experience courtesy of Chef Vijay and his team:

Further entertainment will come courtesy of dance Guru Mrs Pani – performing herself for the first time in recent years to give a true taste and flavour of Indian dance.

Please come and support this important event in our calendar. September 2012

Tickets: £8.50 per head
Children 5-12 yrs: £5.00 per head
Family of 2 adults and 2 children: £20.00
Tickets only available from the Lamplight Box Office: 01207 218899
For more information contact Richard via: [email protected]

Newcastle College: Sustainability Road Show launch

Is it possible to make a smoothie from scratch while riding a bike? Can you really navigate your local neighbourhood by gravity defying acrobatics alone? Newcastle College students took on these and many other sustainability questions during a special Road Show.

The sixth form students staged a major event, the “Re-Newcastle College: Sustainability Road Show”, at Rye Hill Campus on Thursday March 15, featuring a wide range of activities which raise awareness of sustainability issues. The event also celebrates a role for the college with RCE North East.

Deborah Johnson, Head of Geography and Environmental Studies and Rachael Little, Sustainable Communities and Environments North East (SCENE) Coordinator, at the college are working with RCE North East on a number of local sustainability projects which then link to other regional centres of expertise around the world backed by a United Nations initiative. Deborah said: “Essentially what we are doing is looking at global sustainability objectives but applying them in our own local community.”

Visitors were able to take a turn on the “Cool Green Smoothie Machine”, which enables cyclists to generate enough power to run a smoothie maker while simultaneously burning off as many calories as their drink contains.

Other Showcase attractions included: Environmental Awareness and Climate Week stalls, dance performances by TILT, a range of businesses run by young entrepreneurs and information about student-led project on global maternal healthcare,

Rachael Little, said: “This event provides a great platform to demonstrate how committed to the college’s sustainability agenda our students are.”

The college adopted a sustainability strategy in 2010. It is accredited to the UK Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment Scheme and makes returns to DEFRA on its annual energy consumption.

SCENE is a project that runs across Newcastle College giving both students and staff opportunities to support sustainability, corporate social responsibility and carbon reduction, through volunteering for both local and global charities and has been an RCE North East partner project since its launch in 2010. March 2012

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NECTER recognised by Global RCE Service Centre

RCE North East is delighted to announce that the North East Centre for Transformative Education and Research (NECTER) has been officially recognised by the RCE Global Service Centre as the secretariat of RCE North East. NECTER was formed at the RCE North East Extraordinary General Meeting in October 2011 in order to provide a framework for sustaining the network into the foreseeable future. A constitution was agreed and newly appointed officers Oliver Moss, (Secretary) and Lucy Latham (Treasurer) tasked with opening a bank account on behalf of NECTER, thereby enabling us to apply for core funding and funding for projects. More ... February 2012

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NECTER Quarterly General Meeting, January 2012

RCE North East / NECTER held its first Quarterly General Meeting of 2012 on Tuesday 17th January. Acting Director Caspar Hewett reported on recent activities including funding applications and ongoing discussions with Northumbria University about the possibility of the RCE finding a new home there; project representatives informed the meeting about current activities; and two new projects were discussed for potential RCE recognition - see minutes for full details. January 2012

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2011 news
RCE North East regional launch October 2011
RCE North East forms NECTER as new co-ordinating body October 2011
Panganai Svotwa Photography Exhibition Opening August 2011
Opening of Sustainability Forum: Film and Video May 2011
Sendai Earthquake March/April 2011
Can Carbon Capture Public Imagination? March 2011
Cinema Politica Launch February 2011

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2010 news
Hungary calls on Newcastle expert for help November 2010
SCENE Launch Conference November 2010
Tanfield Students Explore Nature November 2010
In the Further Soil October 2010
Economic Growth: Bane or Boon? October 2010
Offshore Wind Farms - Can the wind industry deliver again? October 2010
Beetles, Birds and Berries October 2010
Annual Ganesh Festival September 2010
Brightening up the Dog Days of August by Henrietta Heald August 2010
Premier of ‘SWAN primary schools energy project’ documentary August 2010
Young people complete film project July 2010
Indria – power of fusion July 2010
MILUN - a meeting of Indo- Irish Musical traditions July 2010
Sundroids at Harehope Quarry June 2010
North East School help construction of community centre in Lima June 2010
The Green Phoenix Rises May 2010
the great northern debate visits Vienna May 2010
Excellence along the Indian Music Trail April 2010
Kalapremi initiative empowers young people through arts April 2010
Change4Life meeting takes place on May 26th April 2010
New Chemistry Outreach Laboratory established at Newcastle University April 2010
Kalapremi brings Sounds of India to North East April 2010
Sowing and Growing together at Gibside April 2010
Newcastle Community Green Festival stall invitation March 2010
Explore programme wins national award March 2010
Getting Real About Climate Change March 2010
Humans in a Changing Climate seminar series February 2010
Living in a Changing World January 2010
Honorary Doctorate for RCE academic lead Paul Younger January 2010

2009 news
Asian Circle honours North East Leaders December 2009
Red Kites Contribute to Economic Regeneration October 2009
Schools Explore Climate Issues Through Art October 2009
Children get Growing September 2009
Summer Art School Success September 2009
Explore Programme Launch September 2009
Kalapremi's Ganesh Festival Marches On September 2009
Indian Summer Celebratory Event September 2009
Preparing Schools for a Sustainable Future September 2009
Don't Shout at the Telly, Change What's On It! March 2009

2008 news
Celebration December 2008
Our culture is at the heart of regeneration and sustainability October 2008
the great sustainable energy debate October 2008
Summer art school in South Durham September 2008
Students in Newcastle discuss ESD July 2008
Developing world challenges debated March 2008

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