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Sustaining Migrant Community Cultures in the North East


Tyneside Irish Centre
Newcastle upon Tyne


Tom Oakes

Project partners

University of Newcastle upon Tyne
West End Irish Music Project
Tyneside Irish Festival Committee
Gurukul Academy of Indian Classical Music
Polish Community Association

Brief description of project

Participatory Action Research Project to explore the issues surrounding migrant cultures and sustainability. Working with 3 ethnic communities to produce a collaborative programme of education celebrating cultural similarities and differences.

Expected Outcomes, Success Criteria

Individual and joint Music Workshops and classes will run in schools and the local communities. Tyneside Irish Festival will provide a platform for the launch (08) and development (09) of the project. This will encompass Art and Photographic Exhibitions as well as performance. Reciprocal exchange programmes will operate in Carlow and Kerry. A Musical Suite will be commissioned and developed for performance. Research project will lead to at least one higher degree qualification in at least one area of study.

Method of dissemination and resources to be produced

Report to be produced for distribution to other schools and education authorities and the relevant local communities. Performances held as part of the Tyneside Irish Festival. Collaborative performing group established. Musical instrument libraries established. DVD diary of the project to be produced. Original musical suite written, arranged, recorded and performed.

Art work produced.

Activity documented by photographer and possibly film maker

Anthology created from community contributions.

Web page produced for RCE website.

Related web sites

Tyneside Irish Centre

Additional information

Steering Group to meet until the project is established and then meeting quarterly to oversee the project.

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