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The societal challenges of sustainability which we currently face offer new learning opportunities for the people of the North East. We will enhance opportunities for more people to make an active contribution to their society through learning and research in the spirit of what we have come to call canny ubuntu.

RCE North East works with existing projects and networks to transform learning across our region. We wish to identify good practice in education across the North East and acknowledge and commend to define what EfSD actually means in practice.

RCE North East is an inclusive regional network bringing people together to meet the challenges of the Twenty First Century. We aim to create opportunities for everyone to experience a learning environment beyond the classroom as a means of building their capacity to make a contribution to society, whatever their age, ability or circumstances.


The objects of NECTER / RCE North East are to
a. present the best transformative education practices evident in the North East of England in the context of a global learning network, with a specific focus on creating new learning opportunities for young people;
b. maintain a regional collaborative network of educators and practitioners for knowledge sharing related to Education for Sustainable Development (ESD);
c. facilitate collaboration between existing projects, institutions and individuals and encourage new learning activities for the benefit of people of all ages across the region;
d. identify quality transformative education across the North East of England so as to define what EfSD means in practice;
e. engender a spirit of quality learning through ESD;

f. develop the terms of reference for quality research on transformative education and issues of sustainability.

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